Where Hope Is Found

May 9, 2022

It’s been awhile since I’ve read through anything so personal yet so inspiring in the form of relationships. What you’ll see in this book is a man who will come to terms with himself through an angelic woman but here’s the weird part, that woman also brings her husband into the picture and he is affected too!

Now this isn’t no love story, it’s more about the love, hope and faith of the three characters in the overall connected journey. They found themselves bound together by a calling and while the title itself is kind of a double irony, it’s actually true.

Call it the triangle of hope, lives are changed in Same Kind of Different As Me. In fact, the biggest take away I’ve gotten is time itself heals you. That’s because there is a tragedy presented here but in giving it out, it will spoil the message. Plus, the characters are so lively but at the same time so full of doubt that they’re real in terms of the words which comes through on the page. I couldn’t help but read out loud at times.

The most revealing part were moments when you are taken through American history where Denver is shuffled in the slavery of the colored people. The cruelty which the system has bound him makes you shake your head. Worse, it is those systems which still exists today in our society. So you’ll see how Denver ends up in the streets as a homeless person.

Overall, the authors, Ron Hall and Denver Moore are the characters themselves. Through their voice which you’ll read back and forth, the chapters are divided. So you get to see a picture of their opposing viewpoints which helps with broadening your perspective on some matters.

I absolutely enjoyed this book. When it comes to hope and the human spirit to overcome your innermost pain, anyone who adores the heart of life in finding friendship in unexpected places will find this book a gem.