4 Hour Work Week

May 2, 2022

The ‘4-Hour Work Week‘ by Timothy Ferriss has been the most influential and infuriating book I’ve ever read. I never thought I’d find myself trembling with excitement and cursing myself as I read the book.

At this point, I’m sure you’ve at least heard a mention of The 4-Hour Work Week but have you taken the time to read it yet?

If you haven’t, you’re doing yourself a major dis-service. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned in an afternoon of reading this book compared to the years I’ve invested from learning through school and online.

This book has compelled me to write a review, I hope you find it helpful and pushes you to make the investment toward the most amazing book you’ll ever read.

And Then It Began… For the last 6 years of my life, I’ve dedicated it to working diligently for a host of companies.

From movie theaters, arcades, freelance writing, web design, webmaster, dish washer, mover and blogger.

Throughout my experience, I’ve learned many skills and ideas which have set me on my path but nothing has derailed my train of thought as The 4-Hour Work Week.

At this point in age, I’m cursing myself for not having read it earlier.

Imagine taking everything you know about business, making money online, traveling and the idea of work and condense it into a single afternoon read.

Let me tell you, this is one whirlwind of a read. It’s almost dizzying the amount of information you’ll learn between each chapter.

What I Think Despite spending years of my life learning and experimentation with business ideas and making money online, The 4-Hour Work Week has taken everything I know and expanded it to new levels.

Each chapter of the book provides an onslaught of priceless information and insight.

The key points Tim covers are:

The fallacy of traditional work Creating a successful online business Traveling the world on a no-BS budget Transitioning from traditional to online work Freeing yourself from corporate lifestyles Each chapter of the books will excite you with new ideas and concepts while driving you mad from the lifestyle you currently hold.

Like many of us, we’ve bought into the traditional idea of:

School -> More School -> More School -> Endless Working -> Retirement

Tim drives the point home how we work hard at our 9 to 5 jobs just to retire for a few years at the end of our lives.

What’s the point of wasting away your young, energetic years working when you could be exploring the world, creating your own business and taking control of your life?

This is one book where you’ll be keeping notes the entire way. You won’t just get one great idea of of the book, you’ll get hundreds!

One of the main key points Tim touches on with The 4-Hour Work Week is removing the trivial tasks of your daily life and outsourcing them so you can enjoy the beauty of it.

Although this concept isn’t new to me, Tim drove it home about how much of our lives are spent working on small tasks that never really build to the large picture. Instead of working on the projects which change our lives, we are stuck in the same rut of repetition and monotony.

Taking away the helpful information, the book itself is wildly entertaining. Tim explores how he travels the world, has won multiple championships and has the time to run his very successful online business.

It’s a lifestyle we all envy.

And that’s the problem…

The book’s main problem is the overwhelming push toward doing what we truly want to do. It sound a little silly complaining about that, wouldn’t you think?

The 4-Hour Work Week is one of those books that after reading it, you’ll never be the same because you’ll now have the image of your work as the dreaded dead-end.

Now, we aren’t all stuck in jobs that are dead end but presented with the opportunity to travel and fulfil our souls leaves this bitter taste of envy.

But this is where it really kicks up…

Instead of being just another book about inspiration, breaking the 9 to 5 lifestyle and teasing us with his exploits of the world; Tim provides a wealth of information on how to begin your online business, automate large aspects of your life and how to begin being a vagabond of the world.

As each chapter closes, Tim provides you with everything you need (including a step-by-step approach) to doing everything he says.

Where you feel a twinge of envy, it’s quickly snuffed by Tim’s generosity of information.

What YOU Can Learn From It As I mentioned, this book is just a whirlwind of information condensed into a single book.

Each chapter is better than the next, building upon years of experience and implementation.

I guarantee that each chapter will give you at least one new, GOOD idea which you can implement into your life TODAY.

If you are a business owner, you’ll learn how to outsource many tasks so you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’re starting a new business, you’ll be provided with endless amounts of ideas on how to get started, what to do when you’re up and running and where to go from there. If travel is your thing, you’ll learn just what it takes to travel the world on a realistic budget. It’s All So Dizzying By the time you finish the book, you’ll be so dizzy with new ideas you won’t know where to start.

Like Tim said, you need to DO something with the information TODAY, not sit on it like usual, don’t just write notes and never implement them.

I normally don’t get so worked up from things I read but I’m compelled to tell everyone I know to read this book.

If you get just one idea from the book that changes your life, it’s all worth it. I know I have.

For additional information, I highly recommend checking out the 4-Hour Work Week Blog or taking the jump and buying the book.

Now it’s time to make the change…